The Study of Human Excellence

Training in NLP provides you with the ability to discover, intensify positive strategies, or modify and change non productive programs. It will assist YOU in upgrading your soft-ware to maximize your potential, and make positive changes. Our NLP certification programs will appeal to a wide range of people including parents, salespeople, trainers, educators, entrepreneurs, managers, counselors, medical professionals and anyone who is interested in personal or professional enhancement. NLPNL CONNECTION PLUS offers NLP certification programs available in English and French. The International NLP certification, from INLPTA .The International NLP Trainers Association, respects a rigorous ethical code, and is a guaranty of the quality of the Trainers and their trainings. Your Trainer, Carol Ann Brazier, is a NLP Trainer certified since 1998, and member of INLPTA The International NLP Trainers Association and NLPNL CONNECTION PLUS is a recognized Institute member of CANLP Canadian Assciation of NLP.