NLPNL is specialized in personal and professional development trainings.

Our trainings are for entrepreneurs, leaders or managers, communications specialists, marketing consultants, human resources managers, and of course employees who wish to enrich their success potential, their relational capacity, and their communication and negotiation aptitude.

Our trainings are based upon solution-oriented approaches and the most recent research in the field of human science, interpersonal communication, management and NLP.

Our expertise allows us to create tailor made programs to bring specific answers to a company, leaders, managers and employees’ needs, with respect to their values and the companies’ strategy.

NLPNL offers services for:

  • Individual and organizational diagnostic
  • Answers to your training needs
  • Consultation; Human resources development plan
  • Consultation; Employee help program (EHP)
  • Program: Life / work conciliation
  • Program: Professional BURN- OUT prevention
  • Program: Return to work after a BURN-OUT
  • Conflict management intervention
  • Coaching
  • Conferences- Tailor-made to suit your needs

Our objectives :

To provide participants with concrete tools and practices that provides a methodology to maximize their personal resources in a working environment.

Improve individual contribution and organizational efficiency at the level of the change management, sales, leadership and corporative strategy regarding personnel.

Strategic interventions that pinpoint the development of personal and professional competencies, that creates a direct impact on the company’s performance.

Applications :

All included training and tailor made interventions intra or inter enterprises to answer to the company and organizations’ needs.

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