The goal is the target!

The first step to move towards your destination is … to know where you want to go! Setting goals is the starting point of all work and intervention in NLP Coaching.

The goal is the starting point of any strategy, it is a target and it organizes mental activity and behavior in a determined direction. The aim is the result expressed in response to the question “do you want? “. The objective will lead and guide our actions towards a  point of arrival. More the target is clear and precise, the easier it is to know whether or not we are getting closer. Currently, what is your biggest challenge in life? How long have you been trying to meet it alone?

For over 30 years, Carol Ann Brazier is passionate about the complexity of human behavior, and continues its exploration through cognitive behavioral science… Known to unleash the full potential in everyone whether  they are individuals or in the ‘corporate’ world.

By intervening specifically on Leadership, Communication, Coaching and stress in the workplace.

Having a Coach … is to take the risk of achieving your full potential!