Right Brain/Left Brain

The human brain has two hemispheres: the right and left…

If this dichotomy exists, it’s because each hemisphere plays a particular role although not necessarily distinct.

The right hemisphere orchestrates everything that is concrete, the visualization of an object, parallel operations, perception of self, overall view. It is qualified as visual-spatial.

The left hemisphere orchestrates everything that requires a rapid and sequential perception, the manipulation of abstract concepts, such as mathematics, tasks of precision or structure. It preserves verbal and sound information. It is qualified as audio-temporal.

Right Hemisphere

  • Linguistic abilities are rudimentary and limited
  • Constructs images
  • Interested in non-verbal
  • Recognizes shapes
  • Highly developed visual sense, spatial, musical ( melody)
  • Non temporal
  • Analogical language
  • Intuition
  • Global process (general)

The hypnotic trance in priory solicits the right brain, which functions mainly by association and symbolic language…

Left Hemisphere

  • Highly developed linguistic ability
  • Needs words
  • Structures phrases
  • Respects the syntax
  • Logic , analytical, rational, needs to clarify
  • Decision, strategy , execution
  • Focalized attention
  • Conscious of time
  • Digital language
  • Needs explanation
  • Sequential process (specific)


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