Natural Trance state

We spontaneously enter into a hypnotic state of trance several times each day, for example when we are captivated by a television program, a fascinating book, or a creative project, or when we become so engrossed in our activity , that everything else just naturally fades from our awareness. A few examples of this natural trance state; the hockey fan, eyes riveted to the television watching his favorite team play in the finals, is in a visual trance, the music lover with his eyes closed, and is all ears during a concert, is in an auditory trance, the runner who after several kilometers gains his second wind, and is able to maintain his physical effort with ease is in a kinesthetic trance.

Has it ever happened that the notion of time just seemed to disappear… because you were concentrating upon your activity, your preoccupations, your driving, or reading?

Or have you ever caught yourself daydreaming, just drifting of in your thoughts… in your own little world?

As you can see the state of a hypnotic trance is a natural state, an every day occurrence. The major difference between these states and hypnosis is that hypnosis is intentionally induced for the purpose of effecting positive behavioral or attitudinal change.

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