Milton Erikson (1901-1980)

Psychiatrist, and therapist well known for his creativity, used an extensive assortment of humoristic and innovative strategies to successfully bypass the defense mechanisms of the ego. One of Erickson’s brilliant discoveries was that a change, no matter how minute in a specific area, would create significant change in other areas.

Milton Erickson’s genius was his ability to speak to the right hemisphere of the brain, awakening the indispensable creativity required to put in place, new behaviors, new strategies, abilities and beliefs. He utilized a light trance to address the subconscious mind and created nondirective suggestions through symbolic language and imagery. Erickson knew from experience, that the subconscious mind was able effectuate desirable changes as long as you able to speak its language.

Ericksonian hypnosis, is inspired from the works of Milton Erickson, who through his innovative methods made an exceptional contribution to the utilization of hypnoses. Milton Erickson viewed the sub-conscious mind as an enormous reservoir of learning, resources and wisdom, with its own language that represents the major portion of our potential.

« All you have to do,is put the horse on the road and he knows were to go and how to return home… »
Milton Erikson

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