The brain itself operates on two very distinctive levels: the conscious and the subconscious mind.

THE CONSCIOUS MIND is in charge of the immediate awareness.

Here and now, you are aware of the words you are reading. When you drive a car, you are aware of the road conditions, the density of the traffic, the sound of an impatient horn honking behind you, and the car with its flasher indicating that he will turn left …and it is already 8:15 and you are preoccupied with the idea that you will be late for work.

While you are driving, many other things are happening that you are not necessarily aware of. The conscious mind is limited in its capacity to pay attention to all this simultaneous stimulation. Short term memory can only process 5 to 9 elements of information at once depending on our physical, mental and emotional state.

The conscious mind is logical and analytical and it is where we spend most of our time.

It basically performs four functions:

  1. The conscious mind is a problem-solver it analyzes and evaluates whatever concern, situation or issue has its attention.
  2. The conscious mind makes decisions that we often think are automatic, but in reality, engage a part of our conscious mind.
  3. The conscious mind exercises what we call will power. Will Power seldom lasts, even though you mean well, the conscious intent fails and the old behavior reoccurs.
  4. The conscious mind also is the place of working memory. It is the memory we use every day to function.

Choices and decisions are made by the conscious mind.

THE SUB CONSCIOUS MIND is in charge of recording all the supplementary information.

The subconscious mind is comparable to an enormous warehouse, were all our experiences, knowledge, memories are securely kept. The subconscious mind receives and retains, neither accepting nor rejecting all the messages we receive from our backgrounds, whether genetic, social, religious or experiential, plus all the conflicts (major or minor) that enter our daily lives.

The subconscious mind uses its own logic to give a sense to each experience, instead of a rational organization of information; it organizes the information by categories of associations One characteristic is timelessness – there is only NOW.One of the most important functions of the subconscious mind is that it automatically controls our bodily functions; breathing, heart beating, eyes blinking, the immune system and organs, muscles, bones and tissues fromthe cellular level to its inter-relatedness as a whole body functioning.

The subconscious mind is creative, intuitive, irrational, and emotional.

« … The unconscious is everything that you are not conscious of at this moment… »

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