Human Potential!

There are  multiple sparks of your potentiality residing within you : they are only asking  for  a breath to ignite into in magnificent achievements – Wilferd Peterson.

Each human being is the carrier of a dream, project, an adventure with a potentiality so much greater than he can even imagine . There are as many quests as there is individuals, all of them possible from the quietest to the most active .When we realize our own potentiality this contributes to the realization of all…

Coaching sessions are confidential and the exchanged information is in no case transferable to a third party. The global objectives of the work might be communicated to the business’s supervisor.

The NLPNL consultants guaranty an adequate frame for coaching sessions
(place, cooperation, freedom of speech…)

NLPNL respects the deontology of the International Coaching Association
and the International Coach Federation.